You’ll love this book

This book can solve your resume writing problems and stop the hours wasted staring at a blank page. PS...You Need a Resume! outlines step-by-step, the most effective resume-writing strategies developed by Gayle Howard, multi-award-winning Master Resume Writer.

Learn 5 Key Elements of Career Marketing

Communicating your worth so that the money you are offered mirrors your experience and drive Proving your talents through achievements-based, action-focused content. Getting decision-makers excited so they can't wait to call you. Encapsulating your vast experience in just a few pages. Positioning you as the best candidate for your dream job.

Take a Serious Look

Look at your resume now—look at it critically. What does it "say" to you? Does it paint a picture of a workplace "dynamo"? Does it indicate that you arrive at work each day raring to give 110%? Does it prove that you're the best candidate by citing real-life examples of your experience carefully selected to showcase your talents? Have you tailored information to show your next employer that you are a problem solver equipped with the solutions they need?

Learn Something New

When you were writing your resume, did you think about strategy? Did you consider the placement of the material and where it may impact the reader the most? Did you fully explore achievements? Did you front-load achievements to maximize impact? If not, this book is for you.

People Rave About The Book!

I would count this amongst the texts that any resume writer should own!

Gayle, your book is amazing! You’re so clever and the information is excellent!

Gayle, Your book is wonderful! I think this is a really valuable tool; it’s easy and fun to read, and it’s loaded with deadly accurate information!

I downloaded your resume e-book so I could speak intelligently about it when recommending it as a resource to candidates for CDI’s resume certification program. It’s really a fantastic tool and I will be singing its praises to candidates for a long time to come!